Train, Trigger and Transfer

Focus Datatech Systems believe that continued efforts toward skills upgrading and mentoring are the key components to maintaining quality resources. We also realize that client value, delivery and resource retention and both are closely linked to the management of each individual and his skills profile should meet up Client expectations.

Since inception we have been relentlessly endeavoring to conduct Enterprise System management skill building & up gradation programs to build quality resources. As such, we take steps to ensure that the trainings we conduct are current and relevant to the client’s requirements. Our in-house training programs are built on our two decades of experience in Enterprise System Management and these training are conducted in our own state-of-the-art lab facilities.

Today, more and more environments are getting process driven. For Clients having large support teams which need entry level resources capable of carrying out routine tasks; it’s been a challenge to find fresh graduates having appropriate skills required for Enterprise IT support so that they can be deployed immediately and become productive.

Many large Corporate have their own training & induction programs. However, the effectiveness of such induction programs has always been debatable for various reasons. Also it compels organizations to increase their FTE count. Once such resources reach 2 – 3 years of tenure with the organization it throws other challenge for organizations to manage resource expectations in terms of financial as well as career aspirations.

Training being DNA of Focus Datatech Systems, we have decided to go one step further and establish this TTT engagement Model for corporate which offers bouquet of training programs customized to their IT support requirements. These programs are also aimed to help IT professionals further hone their techno functional skills and develop other attributes while building their career paths. Objective of this Training arm is to offer Quality programs based on prevailing industry needs and are designed & delivered by experienced professionals.

With such TTT engagement Model, organizations reap the benefit of having employees who are purpose trained and oriented to understand the needs of the end customer where their services will be deployed as well as their immediate internal customers who could be their peers or team leads. Thus many of our esteemed customers have experienced the effectiveness of such resources both in terms of fundamental technical understanding and process knowledge, once deployed onsite.
Guiding Principles:
  • Training in technical skills, soft skills development & ITIL orientation. 
  • Gap analysis and feedback driven improvement in training content and methodology.
  • Modules designed to ensure that the Trainee is ‘Production Ready’ at the end of the program.
  • Emphasis on hands on training.
  • Predefined periodic assessment, reward and recognition program.
  • Partnership orientation between Customer & Focus Datatech Systems.
  • List of tasks that trainee is expected to be capable of performing on training completion, has to be evolved with the customer.
  • Training module and methodology will be structured to deliver on this task list.
Refer TTT Engagement Process for more details.