Remote DBA Expert

Databases are becoming bigger and more complex these days. For most of the organizations the size and complexity of databases have become challenging issues. With growing changes in the technology, it does become tough for organizations to hire, re-train and retain experts in the database administration area. Providing a 24 x 7 support has become a norm. With web technology at its peak and people talking about e-business, the role of database administration is becoming more challenging and critical for any organization. This gives rise to the fact that Remote Database administration has to be considered seriously and also makes business sense for organizations.

Focus Datatech provides a quality and cost effective service to administer databases remotely. We monitor, maintain, and tune our customers’ databases with a balanced onsite-offsite approach. We use proven remote administration methodologies to assess clients’ requirements and provide them with a viable solution.

Why use our Remote DBA Services?

  • Reduce the cost of managing Oracle databases
  • Receive immediate help from qualified DBA experts whenever needed.
  • Avoid the time and exorbitant expense of hiring permanent DBAs and system administrators.
  • Avoid hiring full-time DBAs, especially where there are not enough activities to keep them challenged and busy.
  • Assist the permanent DBA & system administration staff
  • Make sure that your data-centers are monitored and supported even during your nights, when your DBA is not available.
  • Allow internal DBAs to focus on project work while remote DBA team monitors the databases, and takes care of routine database maintenance.
  • Acquire specific DBA expertise like replication or HACMP.
  • Cover vacations, conferences and leaves of absence of DBA & system administrators